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Instant Mini Film Development unit (compatable with Instax Mini film)

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Jollylook Instant Mini film development unit is for DIY cameras and photographers that want to build an Instant mini film camera or back on their own. Jollylook Instant Mini film development unit is fully mechanical with a manual hand-cranked developer. Compatible only with Fujifilm's Instax Mini film.

Important to know: The Jollylook Instant Mini film development unit has a complicated shape:

  • Unit size: 8x12cm, 3.15x4.72 in

  • Width at the bottom: 2cm, .78 in

  • Width at the top: 3cm, 1.18 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Multi film camera adaptation

Very nice devices well designed and fabricated, opening the door of all possible film camera back modification

Gabriel Quevedo
Great for custom projects

So far, I've built two or three cardboard box cameras using Minolta glass and rudimentary shutters, and this developer works great as a film back without the hassle of dismantling an old Mini. The only thing I'd like changed is to have the film plane closer to flush or at least level. As for my shots taken with this developer, they are all garbage, mainly because I had no way of knowing, and even when I zoned, my shutters were much too violent, inducing motion blur. But that's not the developers fault. I actually duct taped to the back of a Kodak Duaflex 1 and got much better results.

Really enjoyed this!

I really enjoyed this as I was building a camera from start and didn't know where to start, luckily I came across this site and found exactly what I needed, the film developer! My only concern was that after testing the ejection method the spring came off so I spent an hour trouble shooting, Luckily I was able to fix it!

Ro Antia
Does What I Couldn’t Do

Two years ago, i tried to make my own instax development/ejection mechanism. €70 in instant film + assorted other materials later, and I couldn’t reliably eject/develop a photo if at all.

When I found this mechanism, it reignited my interest in making this camera work. 90 minutes after it arrived, my previously terrible camera was working beautifully.
Two weeks later, I tore apart the previous camera to make a slit-scan version (which is Super Fun)
Probably could have just bought another of these mechanisms…

Alan S.M.
Excelent customer care

The gears fail at the beginning, but they send me a full gear replacement, really fast, and without any additionaly cost. Im so pleased with the customer care.