Jollylook is a handmade fold out instant camera for analog photos, made mainly from recycled paper and cardboard. No electronics, batteries or chargers - some paper, a pair of lenses and a cartridge for instant mini photos.
Jollylook Mini instant camera is made from 59 parts that are assembled in 155 manual operations.
Manufacturing one Jollylook mini camera takes 42 minutes of handwork.

Environment friendly - Jollylook instant film camera uses less materials than used in the packaging of a regular camera. The camera body, the shutter and aperture are made of thick paper and laminated cardboard.

After picking the right lens and calculating the aperture, we created a folding "accordion" camera body from paper, then the case where the instax film is placed, and we moved to the design, here there where no doubts - it had to be retro with a little steampunk look. Then we had difficulties with the unit for getting the photo out from the cartridge but after testing many options, we achieved a perfect result, photographs are now developed and pulled out with a rotating handle.

When moments of life that we see freeze on paper - it is magic!