About Us

The Jollylook Team

We are a young Ukrainian team that loves photography and creates modern vintage style instant cameras from biodegradable materials.

Our team is a family, united by the passion for creating magic in people’s everyday lives while using eco-friendly materials and saving our planet’s ecosystem.


    To create educational and fun to use cameras in a retro steampunk design with creative photographic features.

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    Bring joy. Create magic. Save the ecosystem.

    We dream that one day soon enough we can both create enjoyable experiences and help rebuild our planets ecosystem by supporting ecological programs


    Environmental friendliness.
    uncompromised quality assurance
    Friendly communication
    Creativity and diversity.

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Jollylook Auto Mini Instant film camera

What we create

We design and handcraft vintage looking but modern instant film cameras
using a combination of biodegradable materials and modern electronics.

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Our Story

Our first camera was the cardboard Jollylook Instant film Camera. However, over the course of its development and production, we experienced many issues.
We learned significant lessons from the development of the first Jollylook, and have taken all of those lessons and incorporated them into the way we designed our Jollylook Auto.

We created many designs of the Jollylook Auto camera until we achieved a final design that features a harmonious combination of shape and function that was easy to use, reliable and sturdy while retaining the vintage steampunk aesthetic we desired.