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'The wood body of the Jollylook Auto is about the size of the box that your smartphone came in, but using old school bellows, the camera unfolds to its full stature to shoot. Continuing to channel vintage cameras, the focus is set using a knob adjusting the position of the lens, extending the lens out on those bellows. A flip-out Fresnel lens viewfinder helps guide the composition. Fujifilm Instax Mini film spits out the back after a turn with a hand crank.'

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'Back in 2017, the Ukrainian startup Jollylook unveiled the world’s first cardboard folding instant film camera. Today the company is back with a new “modern vintage” Instax camera called the Jollylook Auto'

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Mashable, The Phoblographer

'This vintage camera is actually an instant camera! Jollylook Auto combines a classic design with environmentally friendly materials.'

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