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DIY Pinhole Mini Instant Film Camera Kit for Self Assembly (Stained brown)

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It’s a functional camera. It’s a project. It’s a puzzle. It’s a model. All in one.

Unleash your creativity with the Jollylook Vintage-Style DIY Pinhole Instant Film Camera Kit. Dive into the nostalgic charm of pinhole photography and handcraft your own eco-friendly camera!

Delve into the world of analog photography with the Jollylook Pinhole Camera Kit, the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern eco-friendliness. Crafted for enthusiasts and beginners alike, this DIY kit allows you to assemble your own camera, unlocking a unique photo experience.

Key Features:
- Unique Pinhole Mechanism: Bypass traditional lenses and focus light using a minuscule pinhole for dreamy, standout images.
- Eco-friendly & Sustainable**: Made from durable, recyclable materials like FSC-certified plywood. It is painted with natural oils, waxes, and renewable plant-based materials.
- High-Quality Imagery: Despite its DIY nature, expect professional-grade, captivating photos.
- Compact & Portable: Ideal for on-the-move snapshots and creative photography sessions.
- Comprehensive Kit: Comes with all essential parts and a step-by-step video guide, ensuring a smooth assembly process.

Step-by-step assembling video

Kit Components:
1. Camera Parts - 65 pcs.
2. Bellows - 1 pcs.
3. Viewfinder: Fresnel lens - 1 pcs.
4. Pinhole - 1 pcs.
5. Manual Development unit (with metal crank) - 1 pcs. (80x120x30 mm)
6. Felt light shield (magnet included) - 1 pcs.
7. Screws (6mm) - 48 pcs.
8. Elastic silicon bands for locks - 7 pcs.
9. Wooden locks - 5 pcs.
10. Tripod compatibility with a 1/4" nut - 1 pcs.
11. Natural Wax - 1 pcs.
12. Sandpaper - 1 pcs.
13. Spare parts - 5 pcs.
14. Instruction Manual - 1 pcs.
Technical Specifications:
- Dimensions (Folded): 150х100х80 мм
- Dimensions (Unfolded): 150х100х215 мм
- Pinhole Size: 0.38 mm
- Adjustable Focal Length (zoom): 50 mm to 110 mm
- Film Compatibility: Fujifilm Instax Mini (Photo Size: 62 x 46 mm)
- Manual Film Development
- Fully Mechanical (No Power Supply Required)
- Weight: 410 g.

Whether you're gifting a photography lover or embarking on a new hobby, the Jollylook Pinhole Camera Kit promises a fun, enriching, and sustainable experience. Dive into the realm of pinhole photography today!

Get creative with this unique Vintage Style Instant Film Camera DIY Kit. Craft a camera that captures nostalgic memories, pinhole-style!
Combining classic design with environmentally friendly materials, a manual development mechanism, bellows, and an exposure calculator.

Looking for a unique and fun way to capture your favorite moments? Look no further than the Jollylook DIY pinhole camera kit!

This innovative camera kit allows you to create your very own camera using just a few simple components. With easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials you need included in the kit, you'll be able to build a working pinhole camera in no time.

But what exactly is a pinhole camera, you might ask? Well, it's a type of camera that doesn't use a traditional lens but instead uses a tiny pinhole to focus light onto photographic film. This creates a unique and sometimes dreamy look to your photos, making them stand out from the crowd.

Not only is the Jollylook DIY pinhole camera kit a great way to get creative and hands-on, but it's also an eco-friendly option for photography enthusiasts. The camera is made from durable, sustainable materials like plywood and wood, so you can feel good about using it to capture your memories.

But don't let the DIY aspect of this camera fool you - it produces high-quality, professional-looking images that are sure to impress. Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, the Jollylook DIY pinhole camera kit is a fun and unique way to explore the world of analog photography.

So why not give it a try? With its compact size and easy-to-use design, the Jollylook DIY pinhole camera kit is perfect for on-the-go photography and makes a great gift for anyone who loves to get creative with their photos.

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Customer Reviews

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Evan Purney

DIY Pinhole Mini Instant Film Camera Kit for Self Assembly (Stained brown)

marisa cattini

tripod not enough solid….

So much fun to build!

I built this kit with for 7 evenings with my 6 year old, each session was 10-15 minutes. So much fun!

A great entertainment and amusement!

I purchased a Joylook from Germany and sent it to Japan as a souvenir. It was delivered to the address within 1 week after order. I built it up with my siblings and took many pictures while we had a family meeting. We were all curious about the mechanism of the nostalgic camera and amused it. Thanks!

Mark Aizenberg

Very friendly and responsive service. Highly recommended