Hello to All the Beautiful People of our Big Jollylook Community!

We hope you all are well, staying safe, and staying healthy.

Please accept our apologies for taking so long to get in touch. We had prepared an update featuring the significant progress we had made with the Jollylook Auto and planned to release it on the 28th of February.

We had so much news that we wanted to share with you, and we were very excited to share photos of some of the many parts in production for the Jollylook Auto.

Metal parts ready in China
Shutter unit body, aperture wheel, and bellows ready in China
Shutters manufactured and tested in China

As many of you are aware, the full assembly of the units was to be done in our factory, which is located in Irpin, a suburb of Kyiv in our homeland of The Ukraine. But…at 5 a.m. on February 24th, Russia attacked our country, throwing everybody’s plans and dreams into chaos. 

It all happened so quickly and unexpectedly, it is still hard to believe.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine

On this day, our peaceful life ended and was suddenly replaced by explosions, sirens, and bomb shelters.

This war has touched all of us and destroyed many lives and homes. For the past two weeks, our sole focus has been on trying to save ourselves and our families.

Every day we pray that this nightmare, this horrible war will end soon. We hope and pray that the Russian soldiers will leave our land and our people alone.

We would like to thank all of the people from our Jollylook family who have contacted us or left messages of support. We are relieved to be able to finally advise that all of our team are currently safe, and many have escaped to Poland and other parts of Europe. We all miss our homes very much and hope to return soon. But we don't even know if there will remain a place to go back to.

This is a photo of the evacuation of civilians from Irpin.

This is the blown-up bridge that connected our city of Irpin, where our factory was located, and Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. 

 It's so dangerous in Irpin right now. There is no communication, no water, no electricity to houses and apartments. Food is in very short supply. People live in bomb shelters and try to evacuate from here as soon as possible.

 At a time like this, it is especially important for all of us to come together.

Naturally, it is very challenging to predict the future of Jollylook at the moment, but I want to reassure you all that the Jollylook team is committed to building our wonderful new Jollylook Auto camera. Naturally, with a war in our homeland and our team scattered over Europe there will be a delay in the completion of the cameras, but rest assured that we will keep you informed as to our progress and the safety of our team.

If you care about the future of Ukraine and our team, you can support us by making a donation of any amount you want or purchasing a support gift card on our website. You will be able to use it as soon as we can start shipping. This money will go to help support the members of our team left homeless by the war and needing financial assistance to feed their families.

We want to once again thank everyone who wrote to us during these difficult 14 days with words of support.

Sorry, we didn't get a chance to respond, but we've seen every message and comment on Instagram, Facebook, and our email inbox. Thank you for your kind heart.

We hope that in the nearest future the situation will clear up and we will be able to share with you our plans and strategy for the future.

Our whole team is ready to get back to work as soon as possible. 

Hopefully back home in Ukraine.

We just want peace.

Slava Ukraini!


Until next time,

The Jollylook Team.

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