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Straight to the news:

Our partners in China have finished disassembly of all components from all defective cameras, re-calculated them and packed them for shipping. We can use all the plastic and metal parts and most lenses for the Jollylooks that will be assembled in Ukraine. All these components that are necessary for the assembly of Jollylook are now being prepared for shipping from China to Ukraine and will be shipped soon.

While the components where being prepared for shipping we carefully selected contractors for the production of cardboard parts in Ukraine.

We also decided that several parts that were made earlier from cardboard, including the shutter block and base and the lens case, will now be replaced with thin plywood, which greatly increased the strength. We made assembly tests of the shutter blocks and got the good result in quality and assembly time.

We also purchased a conveyor and a glue application machine, they were installed and tested.

We began recruiting personnel for assembly of Jollylooks and our head of production is training them every day. 

The first batch of cardboard parts is already ordered, in the near future we will start production and will be able to fully control the quality and timings.

As we said in the previous update this is going to take some extra time. But we are doing our best to make a great camera that you will love.

We thank you ALL once again for your patience and understanding and massive support, we can't wait to send you your perfect rewards.

We will keep you updated on our progress.


Until next time,

The Jollylook team.

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