Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

Thank you for backing Jollylook!

Straight to the news:

We managed to fix the shutters problem, but the solution wasn't fast, we had to take apart every single shutter of every camera, clean the old permanent stickiness glue and re-glue them with the completely drying glue.Then insert them back into the shutter block.

This didn't always work well, so we had to make more new shutters and replace a lot of them.

Finally, the factory began to produce ready cameras. But unfortunately, selective quality control showed an unacceptable percentage of rejects of a different nature.

We did not expect that this simple product will cause so many difficulties for the manufacturer, and are very concerned about not only the release of the current batch but also how we can organize further production. We took a difficult but the only right decision: hired employees who are not factory workers, to check every single camera before packing, the quality control includes checking the reliability of the gluing, cleanliness and correct assembly, the correctness of the shutter, the development unit and the light tightness of the entire camera body. It will take some more time but we are now at the final test and pack stage.

Our main goal is to send you a perfect working camera. And as one of our backers metioned, when everything ends well, Oleg should write if not a book then a detailed story of what we went through to bring Jollylook from an idea to reality.

As we said in the previous update, we are very frustrated that we are letting you down by not delivering the cameras on time. But we can not compromise on quality! We have to make sure you get a perfect product.

We thank you ALL once again for your patience and massive support, we can't wait to send you your rewards and we beleive that the next update will be about the shipment.

We will keep you updated.


Until next time,

The Jollylook team.

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