Hello to All the Beautiful People of our Big Jollylook Community!

Thank you all so much for the massive support we received.

Thank you for making our project a reality!

For the past month, we've been preparing everything we need for mass production. Let's go straight to the latest Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE project developments!

Our progress:

In the previous update, we said that we had ordered the molds for the SQUARE format development units from China and expected to receive them at the beginning of July. Now, all the molds are ready, and we have received ten pre-production samples. They are all very good quality and fit perfectly.

SQUARE format development units

We tested the rollers and ordered the whole batch for the Jollylook SQUARE film development units. They are ready and on their way to Slovakia!

We expect them to arrive on the 10th of August and will show you some photos and results in the next update. 

Rollers for the Jollylook SQUARE Film Development Unit

 The test sample of the SQUARE format development unit, fully assembled and working.

The SQUARE format development unit

The SQUARE Fresnel lenses for the viewfinder have already arrived in Slovakia this week.

The SQUARE Fresnel lens

We have already ordered all the necessary metal parts: screws, magnets, hooks, springs, and other parts have arrived in our office.

Metal Parts from China

The mold for the SQUARE bellows production was made for us by our partners in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The first test batch of the SQUARE Bellows has already been sent to Slovakia, and we expect to receive these samples next week; of course, we will show you some photos and results in the next update.

We have also purchased and prepared all the wooden materials for the bodies. And we are glad to say that our team has already started cutting them on the laser-cutting machines. 

Cutting Camera Bodies

We are also actively working on the packaging and the assembly instructions, we aim to make the packaging stylish and robust and the instructions clear and simple. 

Packaging for the Jollyook Pinhole SQUARE
Instructions for the Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE

  We are actively testing and taking photos of the pre-production sample of the Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE. You can see more results on our Instagram.

Test Photos by Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE

Our current plan:

We expect to start packing all the rewards at the end of August and shipping them out in September.

And, of course, we will post an update at the end of August to let you know how things are going.

We can't wait to send you your genuinely unique SQUARE kits!

Thanks once again for your continuing support. Without you, this project would not be possible, and because of you, it will succeed.

Stay Jolly!

Until next time,

The Jollylook Team.

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