Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

Thank you for backing Jollylook!

Straight to the news:

As we said in the previous update, we changed the shipping partners and had to stick the shipping labels and do all the ship-ready packing of all the rewards at our facility. 

We also had to seperate boxes by countries of destinations. This plus the paper work because of the new export rules took some extra time, and we had a delay.

But the good new is that finally we managed to solve all the challenges, and label/pack the first batch!

It is already on its way to the European terminal of our shipping partner.

Yes! Yes! Yes! 

The first batch of perfect 2500 Ukrainian handmade Jollylook cameras is already on the way to our beautiful backers.

The rewards will be sent out to their final destinations on the 6th of May.

As soon as the tracking numbers become active, you will receive an email with tracking number through Backerkit. We expect that to happen on May 3d.

Our updated shipping plan is:

Ship the second batch of 2500 cameras in the end of May. 

Ship the third batch of 1800 cameras in the middle of June.

We once again Thank You. 

All of you will receive your rewards! 

We  thank you for your patience and for sharing your emotions, even when some of you are unhappy with us. 

Without you, this project would not be possible, and because of you, it will succeed.

We will keep you updated on our progress.


Until next time,
The Jollylook team.

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