Step into the world of DIY photography with the Jollylook SQUARE pinhole camera kit. Our unique DIY kit blends the love for analog photography with a hands-on, educational approach, allowing you to build and customize your very own camera.

For those who are new to Jollylook, we are a company that breathes new life into traditional photography. We've launched several projects on Kickstarter, with our latest offering being the Jollylook SQUARE pinhole camera kit, designed specifically for lovers of analog photography and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Our unique camera kit is an excellent way to revisit the charm of analog photography in the age of digital dominance. Its instant square format not only gives you the joy of instant pictures but also provides a refreshing hands-on experience. This combination makes the kit perfect for teaching kids about the fascinating world of pinhole photography.

One of the defining features of our DIY kit is its laser-cut wood design. Made with durability in mind, the camera is designed for repeated use, serving as a reliable companion for your photography journeys. Plus, with the option to add a plate for standard tripods, you can explore different shooting scenarios with ease.

The Jollylook SQUARE DIY pinhole camera kit isn't just about creating unique photographs. It's also about the creative process, the fun of assembly, and the thrill of creating a working camera from scratch. For those who enjoy customizing their equipment, the kit offers various add-ons like frame counters, neck straps, and exposure charts, making your DIY experience even more personal.

Our customers often see our product as more than just a camera kit. To them, it's an opportunity to support a creative team that's passionate about photography and innovation. Despite the challenges we faced in the past, our community's support and feedback have played a crucial role in our journey.

We believe that photography is more than just clicking a button. It's a blend of art, science, and creativity. Our camera kit offers you a chance to experience this blend in its purest form, providing an enriching and educational journey into the world of analog photography.

So why wait? Get your Jollylook SQUARE DIY pinhole camera kit now and embark on a unique photographic adventure. Discover the joy of DIY, embrace the nostalgia of analog photography, and capture your world through a pinhole.

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