Hello to All the Beautiful People of our Big Jollylook Community!

We hope you and your families are all well during these difficult times.

The coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine will be extended approximately until the end of June, and while our team continues to work from home, the good news is that restrictions will ease on May 22 and our team will be able to get back to the office starting next week.

Straight to the news:

All the funds that were refunded via Paypal were successfully charged via Stripe and that situation is solved.

During the quarantine, while the Chinese manufacturers were closed and as we didn't know what would happen next in this world we all live in, we searched for and successfully found alternative local contractors for the manufacturing of the molds and printed circuit boards. 

The local prices are quite high, but at least we now have the option to manufacture everything except the shutter and flash locally.

Although shipping the flash samples from China took forever, we finally received the samples of the flash tubes and reflectors from the Chinese manufacturer, after testing the provided options we chose the flash tube that will work perfectly for Jollylook Auto:

Jollylook Auto flash tube and reflector

The Jollylook Auto assembly instructions (for our assembling team) are fully ready and written on 37 pages, we can't share it, but here is a glance at one of the images in it:

Image from Jollylook Auto assembly instructions (for assembling team)

This is where we are in the Jollylook Auto pre-production preparation at this moment. 

We will keep you updated and share more info and photos on the progress in the future updates.

An idea we would like to share with you:

Suddenly we all found ourselves in physical isolation - there were restrictions, feelings of insecurity, and anxiety. 

We worry about our health and our loved ones, and we are looking for ways to make our daily travels safer. Constantly being and working at home under quarantine, Oleg wondered what he could do about that.

He decided to try to create a more reliable protection device that would be compact and durable, and here is where this search led: He made a prototype of a protective mask with additional air sterilization.

The idea of creating an individual protective mask with air sterilization with short wave UV radiation is based on the known fact of the sterilizing effect of UV radiation - according to scientific research energy absorbed by the viruses and bacteria destroys their RNA, DNA, and thus inactivates them. 

Confirmed methods of air sterilization by UV radiation are long known and practically used. traditionally for these purposes, people use large and powerful irradiation devices - mercury arc and gas discharge lamps, the task of such irradiation is the treatment of large volumes of air.  

New and affordable high power shortwave LEDs are now widely available, they were designed specifically for use in water and air sterilization processes.

Due to the high power concentrated in small size and volume, it is calculated that a power density sufficient enough for efficient air sterilization can be achieved in the compact size of an irradiator chamber.

Oleg took the initial data for calculation of irradiation parameters - specific power and exposure time from reference books and scientific articles.

In the design of the mask, he has included replaceable anti-aerosol filters (Npower bank95) with confirmed efficiency which will be filtering the air from aerosol particles which can be carriers of bacteria and viruses, the irradiation of air for sterilization by UV radiation will be an additional level of protection and the mask will keep high efficiency even when the UV is switched-off.

Although it is not possible to conduct detailed studies at this time, there is every reason to expect a higher level of protection than with conventional protective masks.

During the two months of isolation quarantine, Oleg developed a model, a circuit board and a prototype:

UV mask prototype
UV chamber and N95 filter case

A mask with N95 anti-spray filter and sterilization of inhaled air by two sources of UV radiation with a wavelength of 265 - 280 nm and a power of 2 W, which are designed specifically for use in processes of sterilization of water and air, the mask also has an exhalation valve on the other side that will get rid of excess wet air.

 The total weight of the mask is 75 gr, and it can be powered by any external source (power bank) with a USB connector. The mask provides enhanced protection - sterilization and air filtration for several hours. 

A prototype with a driver board with automatic switching on when inhaling was developed, components were selected and suitable production facilities located in Ukraine were found. 

Now that the idea has been thought through, the first prototype has been manufactured and prepared for testing, your opinion is important to us.

Please share your thought with us in this small survey

Thanks once again for your continuing support, without you, this project would not be possible, and because of you, it will succeed.

Please stay healthy and be safe.


Until next time,

The Jollylook team,

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